Services Available to Potential Employers

Standard Services

Below are the standard services offered by CitiWide Vocational Center Staffing Agency (CVCSA).

Quick Staffing On-Call

CVCSA designates at least two on-call administrative specialists/receptionists which are prepared to report for an assignment at 8:15 a.m. each day. These on-call employees typically have been highly rated by previous clients, and are experienced in the various aspects of administrative support.

Detailed Job Description

When you place an order, a CitiWide Staffing Specialist will request a detailed job description identifying the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for the assignment. This ensures that CVCSA can send a properly qualified employee who meets or exceeds your expectations. We take the time to understand each client and their needs for each assignment.

Arrival Check

Each time CitiWide sends a temporary staff member to your office, we are committed to calling within an hour of the assignment’s start-time to make sure that our employee has arrived safely and that he or she is getting acclimated to the assignment.

First Day Follow-Up

At the end of the first day of an assignment order, a CitiWide Staffing Specialist will follow up with our client to get honest and candid feedback about the first day. This allows CitiWide to assess the quality of the match and make sure that you are completely satisfied with the placement.

Long Term Follow-Up

If you place a long-term temporary assignment order, a CitiWide Staffing Specialist will follow up with you each week to ensure that you are completely satisfied. The feedback we get from the weekly follow-up helps us coach our employees for continued growth and improvement on your assignment. Finally, this feedback will help CitiWide address any issues or concerns that you may have regarding the placement.

Client Development Care

A CitiWide Client Development Manager will tailor regular follow-ups with you, even when there is no CitiWide employee at your location. We take the time to understand each client, their environment, and their ordering cycles. We let you set the schedule of periodic follow up calls.

Citiwide Advanced Services

Below are the advanced services offered by CitiWide Vocational Center Staffing Agency (CVCSA).

Team Approach

CVCSA serves your staffing needs through a highly successful team approach. Every client is assigned a Staffing Team consisting of a Client Development Manager and a Client Development Specialist. Your Staffing Team is responsible for ensuring your complete satisfaction through seeking feedback, continuous communication, follow-through, and a hands-on approach. Your Manager is responsible for setting follow-up meetings to constantly assess your satisfaction and identify areas for improvement, continually tailoring our processes to fit your needs and anticipating future needs. Your Specialist sources staffs and develops high caliber temporary staff that match your needs, as well as conducts follow-up to make sure that you are completely satisfied.

After-hours Care

Because CVCSA understands the critical nature of your staffing needs, we monitor our voice mail system from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on weekdays and periodically on weekends to service your last-minute requests. A CitiWide Staffing Specialist will promptly return all messages and has the ability to staff a client’s assignment based on a voice mail request.

Criminal Background and Credit Checks

CitiWide obtains a signed consent form from all prospective candidates for employment. The consent form authorizes CitiWide to conduct a multi-state criminal background check as well as a credit check. Our standard practice is to conduct a background check on all prospective candidates, with the results contributing to the final hiring decision of each candidate. If an associate is placed in a position of financial responsibility, CitiWide will then invoke its authority to conduct a credit check on the associate prior to the start date of the assignment to ensure there are no pre-existing concerns.

Temporary to Hire Option

If you need to fill an open position, CitiWide provides a unique temp-to-hire option. With this option, we will send you the selected candidate to work on a temporary basis. Once the CitiWide employee has worked on your assignment for 1,000 hours, you can hire and transfer that employee to your payroll with absolutely no additional fees. During the temporary period, we will continue to check on the employee’s progress on a weekly basis and provide feedback, mentoring, and training. If you would like additional details on this program, ask a CitiWide Client Development Manager.

CitiWide Match Guarantee

CitiWide is committed to making sure that you are completely satisfied with the employee that we match to your assignment. We go through a number of steps to make certain that you get the best possible match. We start by getting to know all of your needs from skills to company culture, and other important match factors. Next, we identify the best associate based on your special circumstances and the requirements of your job. At CitiWide we are not only committed to doing what it takes to get your business, we’re also committed to making sure we continue to earn your business on each job.