The Scholastic Place Program

CitiWide’s Scholastic Place Program

CitiWide Computer Training Center is a non-profit 501C(3) organization that provides educational opportunities for underserved populations in Washington D.C. Part of CitiWide’s mission is to provide an After School Program for students between the ages of 5 and 13 focused on academic enrichment, technology, life skills, and health. Our Online After School Program runs every day from 3pm and 6pm and is available free to our registered students. Students are guided through their homework assignments and provided educational enrichment activities to help them strengthen their skills in reading, writing and math, computer technology, health and environment skills.

Scholastic Graphic

The students in our program are bright and curious, and over the course of the year we have begun to introduce them to different art enrichment activities which include painting with tempera and water colors, drawing with pastels, colored pencils and crayons, and creating sculptures out of clay. Unfortunately these supplies are limited and it has been difficult for us to provide these enrichment activities for our students on a regular basis. View our video at

CitiWide’s next phase is an expansion of our program and the services to a weekly introduction of our students to the many different art forms which could be available to them. We plan on doing this by facilitating creative workshops taught by our staff, volunteers, and special guest artists. We also plan on continuing to incorporate art into our everyday activities. In order to do so we are hoping to acquire enough supplies to provide the resources necessary to do so. If you have art supplies that you would like to donate for this program, please contact our office.

We believe that by introducing our students to art at an early age, they can develop their imagination and refine their cognitive and creative skills. We also believe that it is a wonderful way to enhance the academic enrichment activities we provide for them because it motivates and engages them in learning, helps to stimulate their memory and understanding and enhances their ability to communicate and develop healthy relationships. Many of our students are just beginning to develop a command on the English language and being able to draw or paint what they are thinking and feeling is very beneficial to them because it teaches them how to explain things both artistically and verbally.

Most of our students come from low-income non-English speaking families and lack the resources and support they need to excel in school and in society. Our After-School program is dedicated to providing the support our students need to be high-achieving, well rounded individuals and we believe that providing art education will help us and them reach this goal.

After-School Program (Scholastic Place Program)

CitiWide Computer Training Center, has joined E-Learning for Kids (EFK), a global, nonprofit organization dedicated to fun and free learning for children ages 5-12. EFK offers over 600 free, best-in-class courses in math, science, environmental skills, computer skills, health, language arts, and life skills. The lessons are available on the internet or via CDROM to load directly onto computers for those without internet access. EFK’s vision is to be the source for childhood learning on the Internet, available from anywhere and without charge. Lessons have been used by 15 million people in over 190 countries. Subjects covered include the following:

  1. Computer Skills:
  2. Life Skills:
  3. Language Arts:
  4. Health:
  5. Environmental Skills:
  6. Science:
  7. Math: