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GED Assistance

To teach students in all the core subject areas: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies and Sciences; in a traditional and non-tradition settings, using integrated information technology as a tool in service delivery.

ESL Program

The mission of the ESL program is to ensure that immigrant learners can express themselves clearly, accurately within a socially and culturally supportive environment.

Information Technology Mission

“To deliver the highest quality computer technology training to our clients leading to industry recognized certification.” CitiWide uses information technology to close the digital divide and improve the educational and socio-economic conditions of low-income and under-employed Washington, D.C., residents. In this technology age it is imperative that leaders become proactive in introducing technology to the minority population. The cost of leaving people behind is far greater than the cost of reaching out to them. Bridging the information technology gaps are the unfinished work of the civil rights movement.