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Listed below are recent news and updates involving CitiWide Computer Training Center. Please check back often for more updates.


CitiWide participates in the DC Health Link

CitiWide Computer Training Center was one of 35 DC-based organizations which have partnered with DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority to be a provider of in-person assistance to individuals, families, and small businesses looking to enroll in health insurance coverage through the District’s new DC Health Link. As a participant in the event, CitiWide Vocational Center received the following Certificate of Recognition from the DC Health Link.

CitiWide DC Health Link Certificate

CitiWide participants undertook 30 hours of extensive training which has enabled us to answer many of your questions about health insurance, Medicaid, and monthly premiums. Working with DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority, it is our goal to reach the uninsured, underinsured, and hard-to-reach populations.

Two CitiWide staff, Mr. Abraham Chemuit and Ms. Mercilina Ezuma-Osuagwu, also received certificates of recognition for their role in the registering of over 7.8 million Americans all over the country during the Obama-Care registration and enrollment process. Below are a few pictures from the event.

DC HealthLink Picture No 1

DC HealthLink Picture No 2

DC Health Link Picture No 3



Recent News at CitiWide

  • DID YOU KNOW???: The DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department provides free installations of smoke alarms for owner-occupied District homes. Request an installation at or call 202-673-3331.



  • Capital Project Development (pdf): Citiwide Computer Training Center is planning on re-developing a two single-family homes into a modern and well-equipped CitiWide Training Center. CitiWide plans to establish a location in Brightwood that will provide not only job and life training services, but also acts as a community and resource center for low-income families and immigrants who otherwise face often insurmountable challenges with little support from the District or other organizations. For more information, to set up a meeting, or to make a donation for this project, please contact Anthony Chuukwu, Executive Director CitiWide Computer and Nursing Assistant Center, at (202) 667-3719 or
  • October 2013: Fourth Annual DC African Heritage Celebration

    Over 700 attendees celebrate at the Mayor’s 4th Annual DC African Heritage Celebration

    More Details: DC’s 4th Annual African Heritage Celebration

    View pictures from the 4th Annual DC African Heritage Celebration
    Meet the African Heritage Celebration Award Recipients
    Meet the African Heritage Celebration Performers

  • Summer 2013: Summer Youth Employment Program ended on a great note! Many topics were discussed during the six-week workshop (read more here) that addressed essential skills youths need in the 21st century. The highlight of this workshop was the Everfi Challenge where Citiwide was the winner with a 91 percent completion rate!
  • March 2013: CLII subsidiary is formed. CitiWide Computer Training Center formed a subsidiary with Charis Literacy Impact Initiative (CLII) in order to represent the interests of CLII in the United States, internationally, and to provide foreign resources needed to expand the operations of CLII. CLII is a non-profit organization based in Nigeria that promotes financial knowledge, education and training for youth to better prepare them with financial transaction knowledge as they grow older.
  • January 2013: CitiWide Computer Training Center was selected to participate in the D.C. Metro Area Communities and Systems PEPNet Collaborative. This effort will offer technical assistance and professional development opportunities for local organizations to build on their current success by participating in NYEC’s Promising and Effective Practices Network (PEPNet) Quality Standards Process.
  • Citiwide promotes education and after-school education activities for youth in the D.C. metro area. Related to our mission, the After School Alliance recently released a report emphasizing the valuable role that after-school programs play in improving science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. Click to read the report: Defining Youth Outcomes for STEM Learning.





On December 5th, 2012, Children Youth Investment Trust Corporation in partnership with the D.C. Department of Employment Services, held a 21st Century Workforce Development Workshops/Seminar for Youth and Adults. It was titled: Strategies, Tools and Techniques To Get You Hired! There were interactive panel discussion with employers from various fields such as: Hospitality, Construction, Health Care, Technology, Retail, Government, Education and Small Business.