Ways to Give

Your donation helps provide:

  • After-school tutoring to children ages 5-13 years old.
  • Provide GED/ABE/ESL tutoring to an adult learner who dropped out of school.
  • Provide basic computer fundamental skills to adults who are trying to get back into the workforce.


Consider making a difference in the lives of our low-income community. Thank you.

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Since 1993, CitiWide has served the Washington, D.C., area by providing courses in GED training, computer technology, and English as a second language. Throughout the years, we have successfully prepared over 15,500 individuals to compete in the local job market and contribute to the greater community. The following testimonials illustrate how CitiWide positively impacted the lives of former students:

“I dropped out of high school 15 years ago. I couldn’t find a job, but after passing my GED exam with the help of CitiWide, I now work for a travel agency and I am making good money.” – Leann

“I came from Guatemala when I was 19 years old. After arriving in DC, I enrolled in the ESL program at CitiWide. After 2 years of tutoring, I passed the GED practice exam. That gave me confidence and now I will take the actual GED exam next month. I am happy with the CitiWide GED program.” – Juan

“I was 16 when I had my son, Eze. I was a good student in high school but couldn’t finish because of the pregnancy. CitiWide teachers gave me computer training and helped me study to earn my GED and now I work as an Office Assistant with the DC Government and I can feed my family now.” – Adaku

It is only with the help of the greater community that we can continue to provide these essential services. Individual support is the key to the continued success of our program and your donation will help us to continue our mission of helping local residents to become self-sufficient members of the community.

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To learn more about the Citiwide Capital Development Project:

  • Capital Development Project: Citiwide Computer Training Center is re-developing two (2) single-family homes into a modern, well-equipped training center. This Brightwood location will provide job and life training services, act as a community and resource center, and support for low-income and immigrant families. For meeting, donation or other information, contact Anthony Chuukwu, Executive Director CitiWide Computer and Nursing Assistant Center, at (202) 667-3719 or achuukwu@mycitiwide.com.


Anthony Chuukwu
Executive Director