Our Mission

CitiWide’s Mission

Effective Affordable Training


CitiWide seeks to deliver the highest quality computer technology training to District of Columbia residents leading to industry recognized certification.

CitiWide provides its students with effective and affordable training in a friendly state-of-the-art training facility with a dedicated and professional staff and faculty committed to providing a learning environment conducive to productivity.


CitiWide’s Core Values

CitiWide Pre-Vocational Center’s success is built on a foundation of personal and professional integrity. CitiWide’s higher standard is at the heart of the “CitiWide Values.”  CitiWide established seven (7) core values to which CitiWide and its students are held:

  1. Trust – People trust us because our word is good. We keep our commitments to our clients and to ourselves;
  2. Integrity – We do not waver on the principles of justice and honesty — we do the right thing. We avoid the appearance of impropriety;
  3. Honesty – We are truthful in our dealings with the public and with ourselves. We communicate what we mean and mean what we say;
  4. Judgment – We do unto others what we want others to do unto us;
  5. Respect – We treat people with respect, dignity and modesty. We are fair and just;
  6. Courage – We do not waver on what is right; and
  7. Responsibility – We listen to criticism and accept the consequences of our actions. We admit our mistakes, correct and learn from them. We do not punish or hold grudges against our critics.

These core values unite us as a non-profit organization. As the “CitiWide Values” articulate our core code of conduct and beliefs, they also provide guidance to ensure we meet the highest ethical standards and conduct business appropriately. Simply put, CitiWide wants all members of its team, along with its sponsors, students, suppliers and investors, to understand that they can believe what we say and trust what we do.

Technology Integration: In all CitiWide programs, technology is integrated across the curriculum in order to meet the increasing demand for workers with appropriate skills in a technology-dependent work environment. CitiWide graduates are empowered to continue their education or go to work in a variety of challenging information technology or academic fields. CitiWide employs skillful and dedicated staff and taps into the community for experienced and committed volunteers to help in attaining our vision.

Partnerships and Collaborators: As part of its capacity-building efforts, CitiWide partnered and collaborated with many organizations and governmental agencies over the years including: United Planning Organization (“UPO”); D.C. Department of Employment Services (“DOES”); D.C. Department of Human Services; Inter-American Development Bank; D.C. Public Schools; Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home; Deanwood Rehabilitation Center; and the Latin American Youth Center (“LAYC”).

Staff and Faculty: CitiWide’s staff is experienced and qualified to provide quality instruction for all of its programs. These individuals worked in the community for years, are well experienced and enjoy their work with the low-income community. They are dedicated, trustworthy individuals who want to make a difference in people’s lives. Our Computer Technology, GED and ESL staff have backgrounds that stretch from Computer Science and Engineering to Management and Business Administrations. The Executive Director, Mr. Anthony Chuukwu is the founder of CitiWide and oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Overall, CitiWide has nine experienced and certified staff members with a combined total of approximately 150 years of experience in the various fields covered by CitiWide’s programs.

Program Requirements: For Computer Technology training, all students must have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Assistance in attaining a GED is provided as remedial training for those without a high school diploma. ESL assistance is provided primarily for immigrants whose first language is not English.

Sponsorships: Organizations, corporations, governmental agencies and other institutions are encouraged to sponsor their employees or clients whether as a group or as individuals. CitiWide provides offsite training for all programs.

Scholarships: Prospective students who qualify as low-income may participate in the Computer Training, GED and ESL for free subject to availability of funds.


CitiWide’s Policies

Director Performance Expectations

As a director, I must perform my responsibilities with a high degree of professional and ethical standards, this attitude will be observed by the employees and volunteers, and it will impact their behavior as well.  In particular, the Board should make clear that, in making decisions, it is doing what it believes is in the best interests of CCVC to help carry out its mission. It is also the Board’s responsibility to ensure that CCVC fully complies with all applicable federal laws and regulations.

As a director, I must perform my responsibilities with the same care an ordinarily prudent business person would use in managing his or her own affairs. This means that I should act in good faith, stay informed and active, and exercise independent judgment when making decisions on behalf of CCVC.

The Tone at the Top:

This refers to the ethical climate created in an organization by its leadership. Through my leadership on the Board, I can foster a climate whereby the directors, employees and volunteers act in a manner that upholds the highest ethical standards of CCVC while carrying out our duties. In addition, as a director, I am expected to comply fully with CCVC’s Code of Ethics, which includes the Ethics Policy covering gift acceptance and the Conflict of Interest Policy. I and the other members of the Board are responsible for ensuring that all others comply with these policies as well. In particular, the Board is responsible for implementing CCVC’s Whistleblower Policy and for ensuring that any claims of wrongdoing by a director, officer, employee, or volunteer are fully and fairly investigated, and that there is no retaliation against anyone bringing a claim in good faith.

Duty of Loyalty:

As a director, I must act in the best interests of CCVC and not for my personal benefit. I must avoid any conflict of interest or the appearance of impropriety. I must disclose to the Board any potential conflict of interest and also refrain from participating in any decision of the Board in which you have such a conflict.

Duty of Obedience:

As a director, I also must act in a manner that is consistent with the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation, by-laws, and tax-exempt status of CCVC. I should be familiar with the mission of CCVC and act in a manner consistent with such mission. In addition, I must comply with all federal, laws as they apply to the organization.


I should not disclose information about CCVC’s activities unless the Board decides to make the information public, or unless the information is a matter of public record.


As a director it is important that I demonstrate my commitment to the organization by regularly attending Board meetings and meetings of the committees to which I have been assigned. This will allow me to stay informed of CCVC’s activities and, in turn, the organization will benefit from the skills I bring to the Board.